IDW Releases Disney Monthly Titles

Pree release below in full. I can see this going starkly one way or the other – they’ll sell gangbusters or flop spectacularly based on the remaining level of public interest in these characters. I like that the legacy numbering will be maintained inside the issues at least. The Artist’s edition will be interesting to see.
IDW Debuts Collection of Disney Comics 
Starting This April
Multi-tiered Publishing Plan Brings Classic Characters 
To New Audiences

San Diego, CA (January 22, 2015) – IDW Publishing is proud to announce that they will debut a new collection of Disney Comics beginning in March 2015 with the publication of Don Rosa’s Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Artist’s Edition, followed by four extra-length comic series launches in April, May, June, and July.

April sees the debut of Uncle Scrooge #1, which will feature the best tales from creators around the world starring the iconic tycoon adventurer. Donald Duck #1 launches in May, Mickey Mouse #1 in June, and in July, Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories will maintain the original numbering and launch with #721 as the first IDW issue.

“The chance to bring Disney comics to fans, both old and new, is a fantastic opportunity,” said IDW editor Sarah Gaydos. “We cannot wait to get these into the hands of readers!”

All four premiere issues will offer 48 pages of content for $3.99, with subsequent issues offering 40 pages per issue for that same cover price.

“It’s the best bargain in the business,” said IDW archival editor David Gerstein. “No wonder it’s attracted Scrooge McDuck! And we’ll be attracting a big following, too—with stories by epic talents like Romano Scarpa, Daan Jippes, Casty, Giorgio Cavazzano, and Al Taliaferro.”

Each issue will feature two regular covers, as well as a unique cover that places the characters in different environments that feature theme park attractions—including April’s Adventureland-themed cover—and other very familiar settings and costumes. If you aren’t already an avid collector, you will be! Some examples of what fans can expect to see are:

April 2015 – Adventureland

  • Uncle Scrooge #1 (48p)

May 2015  Tomorrowland

  • Uncle Scrooge #2 (40p)
  • Donald Duck #1 (48p)

June 2015 – So special we cannot tell you yet!

  • Uncle Scrooge #3 (40p)
  • Donald Duck #2 (40p)
  • Mickey Mouse #1 (48p)

July 2015 – Fantasyland

  • Uncle Scrooge #4 (40p)
  • Donald Duck #3 (40p)
  • Mickey Mouse #2 (40p)
  • Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #721 (48p)

August 2015 – EPCOT Center

  • Uncle Scrooge #5 (40p)
  • Donald Duck #4 (40p)
  • Mickey Mouse #3 (40p)
  • Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #722 (40p)
  • Uncle Scrooge TPB, Vol. 1

September 2015 – Frontierland

  • Uncle Scrooge #6 (40p)
  • Donald Duck #5 (40p)
  • Mickey Mouse #4 (40p)
  • Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #723 (40p)
  • Mickey Mouse TPB, Vol. 1

October 2015 – Haunted Mansion

  • Uncle Scrooge #7 (40p)
  • Donald Duck #6 (40p)
  • Mickey Mouse #5 (40p)
  • Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #724 (40p)
  • Donald Duck TPB, Vol. 1

November 2015 – Toontown

  • Uncle Scrooge #8 (40p)
  • Donald Duck #7 (40p)
  • Mickey Mouse #6 (40p)
  • Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #725 (40p)
  • Uncle Scrooge TPB, Vol. 2
  • Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories TPB, Vol. 1

December 2015 – Top Secret!

  • Uncle Scrooge #9 (40p)
  • Donald Duck #8 (40p)
  • Mickey Mouse #7 (40p)
  • Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #726 (40p)
  • Mickey Mouse TPB Vol 2

The new IDW titles including Donald, Mickey, and Scrooge will be #1s, but will continue their classic legacy number inside the issues.

In addition to the monthly comics released in print, IDW will also be bringing Disney Comics into new territories with Micro Comic Fun Packs, and subsequent Artist’s Editions, too. Details on titles and release schedules will follow.

Image Goes Mail Order

12_Issue_Subscriptions_–_Image_DirectWell here’s a bit of news I didn’t expect. Image Comics have gotten themselves into the direct subscription and mail order business big-time, offering dozen of titles with multi-title discounts of up to 35%.

However don’t get excited at this stage if you live anywhere but the USA – they only ship to continental US although they’re inviting feedback from the rest of us to gauge interest in expanding the service.

On the face of it I like what I see. Hell, those of you with cash to throw around can even subscribe to all titles on offer for subscription as a bundle. So currently, for US $1117.99 (usually $1719.36 if the 35% discount isn’t applied) you can get all 42 titles on offer for 12-months.

Price-wise, if you’re subscribing to multiple titles I can see it being cost-efficient, although that assumes everything you want to subscribe to you’ll love for at least 12 months. For those who like to sample titles off a shelf or who like to change their pull lists every month or two will find this offering less appealing.

CBR have some exclusive details as well on the announcement, so go have a read.

Over to you: is this a service you’re likely to take up if it’s ever offered in your country / location?

Top 100 Comics of 2014

Via PREVIEWSworld, the list of the top 100 comics sold during 2014.I’m pretty sure the number 1 for 2015 is already decided (Star Wars #1) and it’ll be interesting to see how many of the series shown below make it to next year’s list. The split between the big three publishers isn’t that surprising. As we’ve mentioned before – Marvel blitzed the top 10 for single issues but were trounced by Image in the trade paperback stakes.

Onto the list itself:

2 WALKING DEAD #132 (MR) $2.99 AUG148104-M IMA
3 ROCKET RACCOON #1 $3.99 MAY140803-M MAR
6 THOR #1 $3.99 AUG140785-M MAR
7 ORIGINAL SIN #1 $4.99 MAR140616-M MAR
10 SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #31 $5.99 FEB140659-M MAR
12 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #2 $3.99 MAR140642-M MAR
13 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9 $4.99 SEP140826-M MAR
14 BATMAN #32 $3.99 APR140211-M DC
15 BATMAN FUTURES END #1 $3.99 MAY140318 DC
17 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #4 $3.99 MAY140763-M MAR
18 BATMAN #33 $4.99 MAY140231-M DC
19 BATMAN #35 $4.99 AUG140270-M DC
20 BATMAN #29 $4.99 JAN140291-M DC
21 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1.1 $3.99 MAR140640-M MAR
22 BATMAN #36 $3.99 SEP140249-M DC
23 BATMAN #27 $3.99 NOV130173-M DC
24 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #7 $3.99 AUG140797-M MAR
25 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #3 $3.99 APR148221-M MAR
26 BATMAN #28 $3.99 DEC130251-M DC
27 BATMAN #34 $3.99 JUN140217-M DC
28 BATMAN #37 $3.99 OCT140295-M DC
29 BATMAN ETERNAL #1 $2.99 FEB140141-M DC
30 BATMAN #30 $3.99 FEB140199-M DC
32 BATMAN #31 $3.99 MAR140213-M DC
33 HARLEY QUINN ANNUAL #1 $5.99 AUG140295-M DC
34 ORIGINAL SIN #2 $3.99 MAR140629-M MAR
35 AVENGERS #35 $4.99 JUL140623-M MAR
36 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #5 $3.99 MAY148282-M MAR
37 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #11 $3.99 OCT140830-M MAR
38 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #10 $3.99 SEP140829-M MAR
39 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #8 $3.99 AUG140801-M MAR
40 HARLEY QUINN #7 $2.99 APR140225-M DC
41 ORIGINAL SIN #3 $3.99 APR140626-M MAR
42 SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1 $3.99 MAY140810-M MAR
43 SUPERMAN #32 $3.99 APR140191-M DC
44 FOREVER EVIL #6 $3.99 DEC130198-M DC
45 SPIDER-WOMAN #1 $3.99 SEP140834-M MAR
46 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #6 $3.99 AUG148300-M MAR
47 MULTIVERSITY #1 $4.99 JUN140146-M DC
48 ORIGINAL SIN #4 $3.99 APR140632-M MAR
49 FOREVER EVIL #5 $3.99 NOV130121-M DC
50 FOREVER EVIL #7 $4.99 JAN140241-M DC
51 SHIELD #1 $4.99 OCT140819-M MAR
52 ORIGINAL SIN #5 $3.99 MAY140765-M MAR
53 WOLVERINE #1 $3.99 DEC130613-M MAR
56 ORIGINAL SIN #7 $3.99 JUN140607-M MAR
57 THOR #2 $3.99 SEP140858-M MAR
58 HARLEY QUINN #2 $2.99 NOV130171-M DC
59 ORIGINAL SIN #6 $3.99 MAY140769-M MAR
60 ORIGINAL SIN #8 $4.99 JUN140611-M MAR
62 GRAYSON #1 $2.99 MAY140157-M DC
65 BATMAN ETERNAL #2 $2.99 FEB140142 DC
66 SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #32 $4.99 JUN140644-M MAR
67 AVENGERS WORLD #1 $3.99 NOV130571-M MAR
69 SANDMAN OVERTURE #2 $3.99 DEC130331-M DC
71 SUPERIOR IRON MAN #1 $3.99 SEP140805-M MAR
72 DETECTIVE COMICS #27 $7.99 NOV130177-M DC
73 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1.2 $3.99 APR140683-M MAR
74 SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #30 $3.99 JAN140722-M MAR
75 JUSTICE LEAGUE #32 $3.99 MAY140175-M DC
77 ORIGINAL SIN #0 $4.99 FEB140657-M MAR
78 JUSTICE LEAGUE #27 $3.99 NOV130124-M DC
79 BATMAN ETERNAL #3 $2.99 FEB140143 DC
80 WALKING DEAD #127 (MR) $2.99 APR148156-M IMA
81 BATMAN ETERNAL #4 $2.99 FEB140144 DC
82 JUSTICE LEAGUE #28 $3.99 DEC130203-M DC
83 WYTCHES #1 (MR) $2.99 AUG148011-M IMA
84 HARLEY QUINN #3 $2.99 NOV138174-M DC
85 BATMAN ANNUAL #3 $4.99 OCT140297 DC
86 SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #25 $4.99 NOV130661-M MAR
87 ALL NEW X-MEN #22.NOW $3.99 NOV130562-M MAR
89 HARLEY QUINN #8 $2.99 MAY140246-M DC
91 DAREDEVIL #1 $3.99 JAN140631-M MAR
92 JUSTICE LEAGUE #29 $3.99 JAN140244-M DC
93 JUSTICE LEAGUE #30 $3.99 FEB140150-M DC
94 SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #28 $3.99 DEC130654-M MAR
95 SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #29 $3.99 JAN140721-M MAR
96 JUSTICE LEAGUE #33 $3.99 MAY140178-M DC
97 NEW 52 FUTURES END #1 (WEEKLY) $2.99 MAR140165-M DC
98 JUSTICE LEAGUE #31 $3.99 MAR140176-M DC
99 SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #26 $3.99 NOV130662-M MAR
100 AVENGERS AND X-MEN AXIS #5 $3.99 SEP140776-M MAR

I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing, but I only purchased one title (Daredevil #1) out of the Top 100. How about you?

Top 10 Comic Books and Graphic Novels of 2014

Thanks to the statistics delivered by Diamond Comic Distributors, here’s the top ten comic books based on sales:


As you can see, it’s a near clean sweep for Marvel in the single issue stakes, with Image’s Walking Dead the only non-Marvel title. What interests me most however is the comparison to the top ten graphic novels or trade paperbacks of 2014:

Diamond_Comic_Distributors__Inc__-_Diamond_Announces_Top_Comic_Books___Graphic_Novels_for_2014 2

In this market, Image have nine out of the 10 most popular titles. Now you’d think that if Marvel had the single issue market popularity nailed down, then you’d assume a lot of that would translate to trade paperback sales. Instead, Image have cleaned the floor and my best guess is story quality.

Marvel are great at generating hype around new story arcs, new titles and other events, which pumps up single issue sales at the time. It appears this doesn’t translate to long-term interest as far as the audience wanting to own the issues collected together. On the other hand it appears the Image titles like Saga, Sex Criminals and The Walking Dead have got their hooks well and truly into readers, who seem to be providing word of mouth advertising that’s selling the reprints.

That’s my theory on it: what’s your take?


Top Comic Publishers of 2014

Via Diamond Comic Distributors, some interesting stats on the most successful publishers of 2014. There’s no huge surprises, though you can see the traditional book publishers like Random House getting on the graphic novel bandwagon:


For the real statistics aficionados, here’s the dollar and unit share breakdowns:





There you have it: anyone want to make any predictions of potential movers and shakers on these charts for 2015?


Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth – Kirby Artist’s Edition


Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth 
Like You’ve Never Seen Him!
The Jack Kirby Artist’s Edition Library Adds Essential Series

San Diego, CA (January 9, 2015) – Of all Jack Kirby’s celebrated DC Comics creations, perhaps none has struck such an enduring chord with readers as his post-apocalyptic adventure Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth. Now, to the delight of fans far and wide, this much-anticipated series joins the esteemed ranks of Jack “King” Kirby’s Artist’s Editions!

Long after the age of super heroes, Kamandi triumphed as humanity’s last beacon in a world ruled by beasts. Traveling the remnants of civilization after a great disaster, the Last Boy on Earth found both friends and foes among the irradiated animal kingdom that now inhabited the world. Written and drawn by Kirby, the series was unique to comics and completely unlike anything else readers had seen.

“To me personally, Jack Kirby is the greatest creator in the history of comic-book storytelling, period,” said Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman. “At the age of ten, Kamandi was my all-time favorite character, and now, at the age of fifty-two, he still is. This series was the reason I decided to dedicate my life to comics, hoping and dreaming if I worked hard, I could try to follow in Kirby’s giant footsteps.”

This enthralling Artist’s Edition features some of the most influential complete issues from the revered series, including issues 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 9, along with additional covers and other bonus material. At 160 pages and measuring 12” by 17,” this Artist’s Edition will amaze and delight fans this May!

IDW Buys Top Shelf


Industry News is a service from The Comics Herald that
passes on comics industry press releases in full.
IDW Publishing Acquires Top Shelf Productions
Two Industry Leaders Combine Forces

San Diego, CA (January 6, 2015) – Leading comic book and graphic novel publisher IDW Publishing announced today that it has acquired Top Shelf Productions, the award-winning independent publisher of graphic novels, including the #1 New York Times and Washington Post bestseller March by Congressman John LewisAndrew Aydin and Nate PowellAlan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (with Kevin O’Neill) and From Hell (with Eddie Campbell), Craig Thompson’s BlanketsNate Powell’s Swallow Me Whole, and Jeff Lemire’s Essex County.

“The acquisition of Top Shelf is a milestone for IDW,” said Ted Adams, IDW CEO and publisher. “We looked a very long time for a company that would complement our own publishing line-up, and in Top Shelf we found the ideal match. The addition of Top Shelf’s library further positions IDW’s leadership role among the top powerhouses in comics.”

Top Shelf will remain a distinct imprint within IDW and co-founder Chris Staros will join the company as Editor-in-Chief, Top Shelf Productions. Top Shelf’s fans can expect the same independent editorial approach that has garnered industry-wide awards and made it an envy among its peers.

“IDW is committed to preserving and growing the Top Shelf brand, which we’ve long admired” said IDW president and COO Greg Goldstein. “Chris and his team have built a great working relationship with creators, fans, and retailers alike, and IDW will work diligently to expand Top Shelf’s publishing capabilities and market reach while further developing those relationships.”

Founded in 1997, Top Shelf Productions offers a broad library of comic books and graphic novels from dozens of the industry’s top independent creators. Following the acquisition, Top Shelf’s headquarters will remain in Marietta, GA.

“Top Shelf and IDW complement each other perfectly,” said Top Shelf Productions co-founder and publisher Chris Staros. “We both started around the same time, and when I would watch IDW over the years, as a fellow publisher, I’d see them making smart move after smart move. Now I’m extremely excited to combine their talents and resources with Top Shelf’s award-winning literary approach to comics. And believe it or not, the idea to join forces hit us both at exactly the same time. Last year, as I was about to pitch Ted and Greg this ‘crazy’ idea, they approached me to suggest the same thing! How’s that for a good omen? Together, we’re going to be able to publish some incredible work. I’m really looking forward to this.”

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.


Will Top Shelf retain its own brand identity?
Absolutely. It will remain a distinct imprint within the IDW family of books.

How will IDW Publishing’s new ownership role directly impact Top Shelf?
IDW’s main role will be the support and management of Top Shelf’s infrastructure — production, sales, marketing and promotional initiatives. IDW will also provide additional funding to secure new breakout projects so that Top Shelf can direct their full attention to producing fan-favorite award-winning books.

IDW will use its 15 years of publishing experience to further enhance Top Shelf’s incredible line-up and ensure that the backlist is always available to an expanded retailer and consumer base.

What role will Chris Staros have going forward at Top Shelf?
Chris Staros will join the company as Editor-in-Chief of Top Shelf Productions and will expand his role as one of the most innovative editors, marketers and new talent scouts in the industry. Therefore, Top Shelf’s fans can expect the same independent editorial approach that has yielded first-rate books and garnered industry-wide awards.

What about the rest of The Top Shelf staff?
While Chris’ long-time friend and business partner, Brett Warnock, has decided to retire from the world of comics and explore business opportunities through his newly launched food and nature blog, the rest of the Top Shelf staff will remain in place to continue Top Shelf’s indy-focused operations: Leigh Waltonas Top Shelf’s Publicist & Marketing Director; Chris Ross as Lead Designer & Digital Director; and Zac Boone as Warehouse Manager.

How does this acquisition affect Top Shelf’s independent creators?
Top Shelf publishing agreements will be honored in full, with all creator rights and deal points continuing as they are currently written. IDW will also be able to ensure that Top Shelf’s extensive catalog stays in print, and all creators receive royalties on the solid schedule IDW is known for.

How will this transition affect retailers?
We anticipate a very smooth transition, as both IDW and Top Shelf use Diamond Comic Distributors and Diamond Book Distributors as their exclusive distribution partners for both the comic book specialty market and book market. The entire Top Shelf inventory is already being warehoused by Diamond in the same location as the IDW inventory.

How did the transaction come about?
IDW has been interested in pursuing an acquisition(s) for some time and earlier in 2014 retained industry veteran Bill Schanes (former VP of purchasing for Diamond) as a consultant to thoroughly investigate acquisition opportunities. Top Shelf, as it turned out, was by far the best of these and Bill facilitated the “matchmaking” early on. Once the companies got to know each other better, the rest was, as they say, history.



Comic Gong 2015: Calling All Exhibitors

comicgong save the date webpage

We’re an unabashed local fan of Comic Gong, which is heading into its third year with the announcement of 2015 dates and arrangements.

The date is set down for Saturday 16th May from 10am to 4pm, and the call has gone out for exhibitors who are interested in setting up.

All the details are here, so get in quick as exhibitor expressions of interest close on 30th November.



Sunglasses After Dark Collected Edition

Vampire Cult Classic
Sunglasses After Dark Gets Collected 
Nancy A. Collins’ Celebrated Comic Book Series Becomes Her First Graphic Novel Collection

San Diego, CA (August 13, 2014) – Vampires are part of today’s popular culture but in the 1990s, they were underground. And that is exactly where Sonja Blue, the protagonist of Nancy A. Collins’ (Vampirella, Swamp Thing) comic book series, Sunglasses After Dark, hunts for the monster responsible for making her one. IDW Publishing is proud to be collecting the cult-classic miniseries for the first time in a fully remastered graphic novel due this November.

“I am thrilled to finally see Sunglasses After Dark collected as a graphic novel,” said Collins. “The road was long, but the end result is something I am proud of. My collaborator, Stan Shaw, has outdone himself as both artist and colorist. I think fans of Sonja Blue will be pleased. ”

Acknowledged as one of the first Urban Fantasy novels, Sunglasses After Dark burst onto the fantasy/horror scene in 1989, garnering widespread critical praise and winning the Horror Writers Association’s coveted Bram Stoker Award. Together with artist Shaw, Collins adapted the novel into a six-and-a-half-issue comic-book miniseries, which became an instant cult classic. The IDW collected edition will be digitally re-colored by series artist Shaw, completely re-lettered by Eisner and Harvey Award winning letterer Thomas Mauer, and features re-tweaked dialog and narration by Collins herself.

The story begins in a madhouse and goes on to reveal the mystery behind the disappearance of a nightclubbing heiress and her transformation into a tough-as-nails punk vampire/vampire-slayer. Sonja Blue is a “living” vampire who still possesses a soul, and is determined to fight for what remains of her humanity, while still seeking bloody revenge against the vampire who attacked her.  But as dangerous as hunting down vampires may be, it is nothing compared to her greatest foe: The Other–the demonic alter ego with which she is locked in constant battle for the body they both share.

If you like your vampires with a bit of grit and a side of punk, this is the one for you. The full-color, 212-page hardcover is coming for you in November (ISBN: 978-1-63140-162-6).

Star Trek Meets Planet of the Apes



Star Trek™ Meets Planet Of The Apes!
IDW Publishing Partners With Boom! Studios For Epic Crossover

San Diego, CA (July 25, 2014) – Have you ever wondered what it would be like to “mind-meld” with a sentient ape? Or wanted to see a Klingon on horseback, brandishing a rifle? Readers will soon have a chance to peek into just such an alternate future, as IDW Publishing partners with BOOM! Studios for the crossover event of the year: Star Trek/Planet of the Apes.

IDW will publish the crossover, which will mark the first time BOOM! Studios has partnered with another publisher on a series. Together they will bring Star Trek,licensed by CBS Consumer Products, and 20th Century Fox’s Planet of the Apes together in a way that is sure to delight existing fans and make new ones. The series will pair the original U.S.S. Enterprise crew with Taylor, Nova and the cast from the original Planet of the Apes film.

Planet of the Apes and Star Trek are groundbreaking science-fiction properties and both deal with many of the same social issues and themes,” says Greg GoldsteinIDW President & Chief Operating Officer. “A crossover between the two is a natural and long overdue.”

“Before I could read comic books as a child, I could watch science fiction on my television. My dad used to wake me up way past my bedtime to watch Star Trek in syndication—it came on after the nightly news—and I took a Planet of the Apes lunchbox with me to kindergarten every day,” says BOOM! Studios Founder and CEO Ross Richie. “Suffice to say, teaming up these two titans of science fiction on the page in a way that they probably will never meet each other on the silver screen is a huge moment for me personally and emotionally.”

The creative team will be a mix of proven experience and new blood with scripts by beloved Star Trekscribes Scott and David Tipton (Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation 2) and interior art and covers by the British newcomer Rachael Stott.

“With the Klingons secretly backing a renegade gorilla general in a coup for control of Ape City, Captain Kirk finds himself in the uncomfortable position of having to help out Dr. Zaius’ orangutans,” explainsDavid Tipton. “Taylor won’t be happy with that!”

“What an epic pairing! I’m so excited to see Taylor, Kirk…and those damned dirty apes…in our upcoming comic,” says IDW editor Sarah Gaydos, “We’re eager to team up these exciting creative forces to bring this to life.”

™ & ©2014 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.