Wollongong Comic Shop: Make It A Reality

11081192_953155068037564_4675264625952223626_nFor those living in the Illawarra region of NSW, you may be interested that there’s a crowd funding campaign underway. Berkeley resident Shane Mason is opening a comic chop, The Comic Cafe, in the Wollongong Central on the 16th May to coincide with the Comic Gong extravaganza the same day.

The shop is definitely opening, but there’s a crowd-funding campaign underway to ensure it has a wide range of stock when it does. Am I excited? Damn straight I am. There’s nothing better than hearing a comic store is opening, let alone in the neighbourhood. Plus I’m already preparing my CV for the Sunday Jeff position 😉

Have a read of the story over at The Illawarra Mercury or go direct to Shane’s crowd funding page right here. The team also have a Facebook page where you can get updates.


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