A Good Forum For Comic Collectors

Home___Panel_JunkiesIf you’re a comic collector and want to join a new forum that’s devoted to collecting comics (and related discussion), then the newly created Panel Junkies forum may interest you.

Web forums have fallen a little out of favour in recent years but in discussions with different people in the past year it’s apparent that a lot of us over the age of 30 still really like using forums if they’re interesting and growing.  Growth requires people to sign up, so if you want to join a brand new comics forum that’s not aligned with any news site or company, then head over to Panel Junkies here:


Yes, we’re a news site and we’ve set up the forums but they are called something totally different for a reason: they’re free, not-for-profit (the ads on there go to the board provider, not us) and it’s about open discussion. Hope to see you there!

Wollongong Comic Shop: Make It A Reality

11081192_953155068037564_4675264625952223626_nFor those living in the Illawarra region of NSW, you may be interested that there’s a crowd funding campaign underway. Berkeley resident Shane Mason is opening a comic chop, The Comic Cafe, in the Wollongong Central on the 16th May to coincide with the Comic Gong extravaganza the same day.

The shop is definitely opening, but there’s a crowd-funding campaign underway to ensure it has a wide range of stock when it does. Am I excited? Damn straight I am. There’s nothing better than hearing a comic store is opening, let alone in the neighbourhood. Plus I’m already preparing my CV for the Sunday Jeff position 😉

Have a read of the story over at The Illawarra Mercury or go direct to Shane’s crowd funding page right here. The team also have a Facebook page where you can get updates.

Here’s How To Decorate A Comic Filing Cabinet

Ok here’s how to decorate a comic filing cabinet. Over at the Comic Book Collecting Facebook group, group member Jeff Sehn has posted a brilliant DIY project he did with some old coverless comics and a filing cabinet:

Snowed in today, so project time. A file cabinet I bought for $2.00 and a stack of comics with no covers and missing pages. What I got was a super cool comic storage- took several hours, but turned out great. Wanted to share with my comic friends..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Jeff – I think you should go into business with these!

Complete Run of Daredevil

Via the great Comics Collecting Facebook group comes this amazing picture from a collector (Anthony) who has amassed Volumes 1, 2 , 3 and 4 with all the annuals, giant-size editions, mini-series, one-shots and specials.


(Click on pic for full size)

To you sir I tip my hat – well done.

Daredevil 68: Phoenix and the Fighter

Grab of the Week is a regular column where we feature an old comic we’ve picked up ourselves or one you’ve sent us.

If you’d like to have your old issue featured, just send us the pic via our website, Facebook page or Twitter account.


It’s September 1970. Stan Lee is still Editor of Daredevil and EIC of Marvel. Roy Thomas is on writing duties, Gene Colan on the pencils. This one though is chosen for it’s classic cover of the era. Love it.

Tales of Suspense 61: The Death of Tony Stark

Grab of the Week is a regular column where we feature an old comic we’ve picked up ourselves or you’ve sent us your own example.

If you’d like to have your old issue featured, just send us the pic via our website, Facebook page or Twitter account.


Tales of Suspense 61 was the January 1965 issue and it has it all. A Jack Kirby cover, Stan Lee story and Don Heck pencils. The story is called ‘The Death of Tony Stark’ and it follows that Iron Man is front and centre, with Pepper Potts playing a key role alongside Happy Hogan as well. Then there’s Captain America.

If you own or have read this issue, post your thoughts in comments!

Setting Up Your Comics In Filing Cabinets

A big thanks to Jeff Siegrist for allowing us to re-post his great pics and pictures on setting up a comic collection in legal-sized filing cabinets. This is a topic close to my heart as I transitioned my collection to some lateral filing cabinets and love having them set up that way. Here’s Jeff’s simple and effective way to get your own comic collection into filing cabinets:


Prepping my new filing cabinets for comic books and I just thought I’d share my way of setting them up. All you need is a legal size filing cabinet and poster board. After cleaning them up I set the divider (assuming you get one with a divider) towards the back, but the important is I leave it in:


About 2 clicks from the furthest back position works well. Without the divider the comics all the way against the back are difficult to get out and could get damaged.

My second step (pic #2 below) isn’t necessary, but I guess I’m just OCD. I measure and cut a piece of poster board to go in the center channel so that everything is level. This time I found poster board with a grid on it, much easier for uniform cutting:


Next I cut a divider to go down the middle of the drawer so that the 2 rows of comics don’t start merging. I like to make it 6 inches high and make sure it’s snug, then I secure it with masking tape(pic #3 below). I mock up a few comic books to make sure the divider is centered and perpendicular with the bottom of the drawer:


The next step is the fun one, fill the drawers with all your comics(pic #4 below), 2 rows per drawer and finally use labels to separate your comics however you’d like. I use printable labels attached to the top of back boards(pic #5). It looks good and the standard dividers are just a touch too tall for the drawers: