Weirdest Avengers Line-Up Ever

Whilst trawling Ebay drooling over some Marvel figurines, I stumbled across the weirdest Avengers line-up ever (click on the pic for full size):



Captain America looks like he’s realised he’s now in a sham team.

Shame they didn’t add Spawn or Wonder Woman in for good measure…

Pretty Sure Marvel Haven’t Signed Off On This Merchandise

Whilst walking around a country show, I spotted this little gem:


I’m assuming it’s non-legitimate merchandise or I’ve missed the memo about the merger??

Gold Humour: Texts From Superheroes

Thanks to a friend letting me know about the site Texts From Superheroes, I can pass it on to you to enjoy as well. Here’s one example:


Now go check out the full site for yourself.


Here’s how to get married in (comics) style

Can anyone think of a cooler, comic-related wedding ceremony than this one?  Enjoy:

If the Hulk could have made an appearance as well, my life would be complete.

Ever Wonder Why Batman Doesn’t Smile?

It’s all makes so much sense now.

Coming via the brilliant Kerry Callen:


I have a whole new perception of The Dark Knight now, that I’m not sure I’m going to be able to shake!

Marvel Cinematic Universe and Fan Creations At Their Best

I little birdy tells me that our own Kimberley Griffiths has a quite popular blog on her hands. The Mediavengers Tumblr site has a host of absolutely brilliant fan creations showing Marvel Cinematic Universe characters appearing in mainstream media publications.

Here’s a few as a teaser but go check the lot out for yourself (click on the pic for the full-size image):

The site has had some great attention the past couple of weeks and if the quality of contributions continues I can see it going from strength to strength, but then I’m biased 🙂

Treated Like Jean Grey

Some great humour and comic timing from Lauren on her Tumblr blog:


If you like it, go tell Lauren so. If you’re an artist / writer and would like us to mention your work, drop us a line.

Chewby Chewby Doo

A quick piece of humour for you on a Saturday:

Chewby Doo

[via The Comics Shop]

Ten Comic Movie Oscars I’d Like To See Awarded

oscarGiven the Academy Awards are on as I write this, I thought I’d engage in a little fantasising of comics-related movies I’d like to see popping up at future Oscars ceremonies. Would love to have your suggestions in comments below as well!

Here we go – my Top Ten Fantasy Oscar Awards:

Best Director: Ridley Scott for Rogue Trooper

Best Actor: Ricky Gervais as Deadpool in Deadpool: The Older Years

Best Actress: Sophie Lowe as Raina in Blankets

Best Supporting Actor: Andre Braugher as Tyrone Johnson in Cloak and Dagger

Best Animated Feature: Maus

Best Writing – Original Screenplay: Alan Moore for Sgt Rock

Best Documentary – Feature: John Byrne and Frank Miller: Angry Men in a Hot Tub

Best Cinematography: Munn Powell for Dan Pussey

Best Original Score: Bruno Mars for Dazzler Returns

Best Visual Effects: Spawn

Ok, your turn. Comment on how sane or stupid my suggestions are and/or suggest your own awards!

Who The Hell Wins This Race?

JP Cuison does some great art, and here’s a superhero match-up with a difference that he’s done:

Flash vs Sonic vs Road Runner vs Speedy Gonzales

For my money, Road Runner looks like he has the most energy left in the tank….