A Good Forum For Comic Collectors

Home___Panel_JunkiesIf you’re a comic collector and want to join a new forum that’s devoted to collecting comics (and related discussion), then the newly created Panel Junkies forum may interest you.

Web forums have fallen a little out of favour in recent years but in discussions with different people in the past year it’s apparent that a lot of us over the age of 30 still really like using forums if they’re interesting and growing.  Growth requires people to sign up, so if you want to join a brand new comics forum that’s not aligned with any news site or company, then head over to Panel Junkies here:


Yes, we’re a news site and we’ve set up the forums but they are called something totally different for a reason: they’re free, not-for-profit (the ads on there go to the board provider, not us) and it’s about open discussion. Hope to see you there!