Ever Wonder Why Batman Doesn’t Smile?

It’s all makes so much sense now.

Coming via the brilliant Kerry Callen:


I have a whole new perception of The Dark Knight now, that I’m not sure I’m going to be able to shake!

Treated Like Jean Grey

Some great humour and comic timing from Lauren on her Tumblr blog:


If you like it, go tell Lauren so. If you’re an artist / writer and would like us to mention your work, drop us a line.

Chewby Chewby Doo

A quick piece of humour for you on a Saturday:

Chewby Doo

[via The Comics Shop]

Who The Hell Wins This Race?

JP Cuison does some great art, and here’s a superhero match-up with a difference that he’s done:

Flash vs Sonic vs Road Runner vs Speedy Gonzales

For my money, Road Runner looks like he has the most energy left in the tank….

Batman: Stop Whining

Some humour only a comics fan can truly appreciate – in fact you may need to be a very widely read fan to get every panel (which I didn’t), but it’s a great laugh all the same:


[Found over at imgur.com]