Five Good Comics Groups On Facebook

_1__COMIC_BOOK_COLLECTINGFacebook has lots of flaws, but one thing I do like about it is its groups feature. And for comics fans there’s a lot of good groups on there to get your teeth into. Here’s five I particularly like:

1. Comic Book Collecting

This is a big international group with  more than 26 thousand members. This means lots of content to browse and a team of active moderators keeps the quality high. Recommended.

2. Comic Readers Australia / New Zealand

This is a new group devoted to comics discussion by Aussies and New Zealanders. It’s early days so jump in and help get the community happening.

3. Buy / Sell / Swap Comics Australia

With more than 800 members, this group has regular enough posts to interest most buyers and to gain some interest for those trying to offload a comic or ten.

4. Australian Comic Collectors Society

A smaller group but very friendly. Good discussions on a range of collecting topics including local collecting supplies and grading.

5. The Comics Herald

Ok this is nothing but gratuitous spam but we have our own humble little Facebook group. It’s where you’ll get updates on our latest stories although any discussion is more than welcome. We of course appreciate every like of the page as it helps get our stories out there.

Post your own Facebook group suggestions below – comics-related of course.

Win Tickets To Oz Comic Con Melbourne

ozcomiccon2013We’re really pleased to have our first Comics Herald Giveaway! As we’ve covered already, the Oz Comic Con series of events has started making its way around Australia and it’s hitting Melbourne on the 6th and 7th July.

A lot of people are excited about Mr William Shatner being there, but let’s focus on the comics-related guests you can potentially see:

Ben Hutchings / Dillon Naylor / Ryan K Lindsay / Tom Raney / Phil Jimenez / Colin Wilson / Paul Abstruse / Justin Randall / Bobby. N / Tom Taylor / Christian Read / Andrew Constant / Tristan Jones / Paul Mason / Dean Rankine / David Yardin / Jon Sommariva / Freddie E Williams II / Queenie Chan / Jason Palmer / Nicola Scott / Stew McKenny

Check out the full Oz Comic Con guest list over at their website. But now, onto…

The Competition

Thanks to Oz Comic Con we have two weekend double passes* to give away. That means you and a significant other / friend / person you drag off the street can check out the event on both days. And all you have to do to go into the draw for a double pass is:

1. Tell us why you want to go to Oz Comic Con in Melbourne in 30 words or so. Be funny, innovative, controversial, whatever takes your fancy.

2. You need to post your response on either:

a. our Facebook page (you’ll need to like our page – we only send out one update per day usually so you won’t be bombarded we promise)

b. on our Twitter account: we’d love you to follow us but you don’t have to, just do a public response to @thecomicsherald and it’ll be counted

3. Get your response in by Midnight AEST on Sunday 23rd June.

4. That’s it!

We will draw randomly the two winners from those who’ve posted a response as per rules above and will notify you via Facebook or Twitter on Monday 24th June.

Ticket Details

The passes are valued at $80 each and allow entry into the event on Saturday and Sunday. As per the website, ticket conditions are: The event floor and panel stages have limited capacity as set by the Fire Marshal. Even though your ticket is needed to get into the event, it does not guarantee you immediate access to any event space or the panel stages if it they have reached capacity. We clear rooms between each panel. Most autograph signings and photograph opportunities are of a limited nature. Your general ticket does not guarantee autographs or photographs at the event.The winners will be able to collect their tickets from the speciality ticket desk which will be located near the main entry.


The Comics Herald Needs You!

The Comics Herald News Desk. We wish.

The Comics Herald News Desk. We wish.

We’re only a few months old here at The Comics Herald and it’s been a hell of a fun ride already. We’re proud of the amount we’ve achieved, the number of comics, webcomics and graphic novels we’ve reviewed.

A team of two can only do so much though, so we’re putting the call out for anyone else with a passion for comics that’d like to throw their hat in the ring.

Here’s who we’re looking for:

1. Someone who reads comics regularly – you don’t need to be hard-core by any means, but a good familiarity with the area is a must. Which comics doesn’t really matter.

2. Someone who writes well – but don’t be TOO hard on yourself here. Your work will be edited for the odd typo or grammatical error, which is fine. All we ask is that you can string sentences together in an engaging way and not require extensive re-writing / correction by your friendly editor.

3. Someone who writes regularly – we’d be looking for people that can contribute a minimum of a 400-600 word article each week ideally. That said, fortnightly gigs will be seriously considered as well, as will guest reviews or opinion pieces if you can’t commit regularly.

4. Someone who has a volunteer sense of spirit: unfortunately we’re a loss-making outfit. If revenue increases beyond costs, you WILL be sharing in that equally with the other writers on the team. In the meantime, expect the odd bit of swag or attendance at a comics-related event representing TCH, if the opportunity arises. And yes, you do have a byline to tout to much richer publications than our humble selves. Finally, you’re welcome to have a link back to your own blog or related web undertaking in each of your articles.

5. We’re definitely after more people to cover the Australian and New Zealand comics scene, but also happy to have anyone apply from other countries.

So if you’d like to express interest, here’s what you do:

1. Use our contact form and provide the following info:
– ideally submit a sample of your writing or at least a pitch on what you’d like to write and why
– tell us a little bit about yourself – similar in vein to the bios on our About page.
– what day and time of the week is best for you to submit your work

2. Wait patiently for us to get back to you – it should only take a day or two.

3. See points 1 and 2.

We’re looking for multiple people, so do have a think about getting involved – and again don’t be too harsh on your writing ability. Leave that to us!

[Image via Right In Your Face]