Five Good Comics Groups On Facebook

_1__COMIC_BOOK_COLLECTINGFacebook has lots of flaws, but one thing I do like about it is its groups feature. And for comics fans there’s a lot of good groups on there to get your teeth into. Here’s five I particularly like:

1. Comic Book Collecting

This is a big international group with  more than 26 thousand members. This means lots of content to browse and a team of active moderators keeps the quality high. Recommended.

2. Comic Readers Australia / New Zealand

This is a new group devoted to comics discussion by Aussies and New Zealanders. It’s early days so jump in and help get the community happening.

3. Buy / Sell / Swap Comics Australia

With more than 800 members, this group has regular enough posts to interest most buyers and to gain some interest for those trying to offload a comic or ten.

4. Australian Comic Collectors Society

A smaller group but very friendly. Good discussions on a range of collecting topics including local collecting supplies and grading.

5. The Comics Herald

Ok this is nothing but gratuitous spam but we have our own humble little Facebook group. It’s where you’ll get updates on our latest stories although any discussion is more than welcome. We of course appreciate every like of the page as it helps get our stories out there.

Post your own Facebook group suggestions below – comics-related of course.