Comic Gong 2015 Program Shapes Up


It’s coming up quick: Wollongong’s premier pop culture event run by Wollongong City Council is hitting on the 16th May. The official program for the event is on its way but all the key info is now online. You can find out which workshops you can sign up for, what stalls and clubs you can check out, and which artists you can go and hob-knob with.

Add to that the fact that Wollongong once again gets its own comic shop on the same day, and 16th May is looking like one hell of a day.

All the Comic Gong info can be seen in one place here.

Comic Gong 2015: Calling All Exhibitors

comicgong save the date webpage

We’re an unabashed local fan of Comic Gong, which is heading into its third year with the announcement of 2015 dates and arrangements.

The date is set down for Saturday 16th May from 10am to 4pm, and the call has gone out for exhibitors who are interested in setting up.

All the details are here, so get in quick as exhibitor expressions of interest close on 30th November.



Comic Gong – 2nd Year and Growing

Comic_GongAs a Wollongong local, I’m a bit excited by this, but that aside, Comic Gong is shaping up to be one hell of a day.

Organised by Wollongong City Council’s Library Services, Comic Gong had its inaugural outing in 2013 and it’s back in a much expanded form this year, slated for Saturday 17th May 10am to 4pm. It’s going to be spread across three venues (all within a couple of hundred metres of each other), with stalls, an artists alley, Cosplay competition and a number of workshops from notable Australian comic creators including Pat Grant and Bruce Mutard.

The artists appearing, are (via the Comic Gong site):

​The Artists
ACT Comic Meet
Ben Mitchell
Bolt Comics
Brendan Halyday
​Celtic Panzar
Chewie Chan
Comics Masterclass
Dragonhaunt Comics
Ed Dyer
Enemy Agency
Isaac George
Karen Beilharz
Lesley Vamos
Louie Joyce
Marcelo Baez
Matthew Lin
Mel Schwarz
Naomi Hatchman
Nelson Colo
​Pat Grant
Paul Caggegi
Pie-Eyed Productions​
Ryan Lindsay
Siberian Productions
Silverfox Comics
Storm Publishing
Tim Brand
Winter City

So if you’re Sydney based, it’s well worth the 90 minute drive for the day. If you’re from the Illawarra then you have zero excuse unless you’re getting married. And even then – why not do that at the event itself?

We’ll be there checking everything out and will tweet pics and write a wrap-up afterwards. To get all the info for Comic Gong, here’s the event page.