50-Word Review: Star Wars – Obi-Wan and Anakin #1

Obi-Wan_and_Anakin_1_coverSet between Star Wars Episode 1 and 2, Obi-Wan and his padawan Anakin are called to assist on a planet that’s meant to have no inhabitants.

Charles Soule’s writing and Marco Checchetto’s art come together well. There’s also some nice back story featuring Palpatine / Mace Windu – this five-issue series is looking good.



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A Good Forum For Comic Collectors

Home___Panel_JunkiesIf you’re a comic collector and want to join a new forum that’s devoted to collecting comics (and related discussion), then the newly created Panel Junkies forum may interest you.

Web forums have fallen a little out of favour in recent years but in discussions with different people in the past year it’s apparent that a lot of us over the age of 30 still really like using forums if they’re interesting and growing.  Growth requires people to sign up, so if you want to join a brand new comics forum that’s not aligned with any news site or company, then head over to Panel Junkies here:


Yes, we’re a news site and we’ve set up the forums but they are called something totally different for a reason: they’re free, not-for-profit (the ads on there go to the board provider, not us) and it’s about open discussion. Hope to see you there!

Calling Australian Comics Writers and Artists

12496070_1056238017751194_1138038954868696919_oJust passing on this info for any new writers / artists looking for an interesting opportunity:

So you are a budding artist or writer that wants to have your work published.

You want to be paid for the work that you do.

Well here is your chance. XCT one of Australia’s most successful independent comic book series is creating a new graphic novel this year filled with 10 short stories from the XCT universe. We are offering 10 writers and 10 artists the opportunity to be a part of this exciting project and get paid.

So how do you get involved?

All you need to do is send an expression of interest email to xct@comics2movies.com.au along with samples or links to your artwork/scripts, as well as your page rates. Please also attach a paragraph about yourself and why you believe you would be a perfect fit for XCT project.

Good Luck!

Please note page rates may be negotiated and all payments will be made in Australian Dollars

50-Word Review: Daredevil #1

Daredevil_Vol_5_1_TextlessDaredevil’s back in New York, his identity again secret and he has a trainee / sidekick to boot. Soule’s writing continues the story nicely from Waid’s farewell and Garney’s art creates the required dark atmosphere.

Add in Murdock as a prosecutor and all the ingredients are there for a great series.

50-Word Review: Archie #1

archieArchie and friends are iconic and a reboot to the modern day could have been an utter disaster.

The result is actually the opposite: a totally entertaining, plausible story line that keeps the best aspects of the original without making it seemed forced.

A title that will be a stayer.

I Was Cynical About Secrets Wars and Battleworld Until..

Cursor_and_1872__2015___1___Comics___Marvel_com… I finished reading the first issue of 1872, one of the 5000 comics Marvel is putting out with it’s universe-altering, cross-over reboot extravaganza.

But before I get onto that, I just want to put it out there that I was cynical about the whole Secret Wars / Battleworld thing from the time it was announced. I saw it as both an overt money grab and a lazy way to change a whole bunch of character relationships and storylines. I actually still think I’m right to some extent on both those counts, but given I’ve only read Secret Wars #1 up until now, it’s not fair for me to stake my claim too forcefully.

The 1872 title stood out for me as something a little different, given it was featuring the long-dormant character Red Wolf. I decided to add the title to my pull list and I’m really glad I did. Set in the Wild West of… 1872… I was expecting something a little quirkier than the more standard superhero titles and I was spot on in that expectation.

The town of Timely has Wilson Fisk as its Mayor. It’s Sheriff is Steve Rogers and its newspaper editor is Ben Urich. The town drunk is a Mr T Stark and there’s a nerdy guy called Bruce Banner as well. Get the picture? Writer Gerry Duggan could have turned the premise into a feast of in-jokes feast thankfully he hasn’t, instead focusing on the story itself and the qualities these characters bring to the situation at hand.

Nik Virella’s art is excellent, creating an authentic Western feel without overstating the case.

This is a title I’ll be buying to the end, and it’s also made me think twice about checking out some of the other new titles. Hats off to the team on this title: you’ve managed to do something fresh that will likely stand the test of time well. Not just real time: Marvel time even!

Comic Gong 2015 Program Shapes Up


It’s coming up quick: Wollongong’s premier pop culture event run by Wollongong City Council is hitting on the 16th May. The official program for the event is on its way but all the key info is now online. You can find out which workshops you can sign up for, what stalls and clubs you can check out, and which artists you can go and hob-knob with.

Add to that the fact that Wollongong once again gets its own comic shop on the same day, and 16th May is looking like one hell of a day.

All the Comic Gong info can be seen in one place here.

Headspace TP Released Next Week

Headspace_Full_pdf__page_1_of_70_Regular readers will know I’m an unadulterated fan of this series (check our review of issues 1-5 here).

So I’m pleased to hear that a trade paperback of the 8-issue series from IDW is hitting shelves on the 29th April. I’ve had a quick look through the TP and it doesn’t disappoint.

Check out the IDW website next week for more details.

Complete Run of Daredevil

Via the great Comics Collecting Facebook group comes this amazing picture from a collector (Anthony) who has amassed Volumes 1, 2 , 3 and 4 with all the annuals, giant-size editions, mini-series, one-shots and specials.


(Click on pic for full size)

To you sir I tip my hat – well done.

Daredevil 68: Phoenix and the Fighter

Grab of the Week is a regular column where we feature an old comic we’ve picked up ourselves or one you’ve sent us.

If you’d like to have your old issue featured, just send us the pic via our website, Facebook page or Twitter account.


It’s September 1970. Stan Lee is still Editor of Daredevil and EIC of Marvel. Roy Thomas is on writing duties, Gene Colan on the pencils. This one though is chosen for it’s classic cover of the era. Love it.