Ten Comic Movie Oscars I’d Like To See Awarded

oscarGiven the Academy Awards are on as I write this, I thought I’d engage in a little fantasising of comics-related movies I’d like to see popping up at future Oscars ceremonies. Would love to have your suggestions in comments below as well!

Here we go – my Top Ten Fantasy Oscar Awards:

Best Director: Ridley Scott for Rogue Trooper

Best Actor: Ricky Gervais as Deadpool in Deadpool: The Older Years

Best Actress: Sophie Lowe as Raina in Blankets

Best Supporting Actor: Andre Braugher as Tyrone Johnson in Cloak and Dagger

Best Animated Feature: Maus

Best Writing – Original Screenplay: Alan Moore for Sgt Rock

Best Documentary – Feature: John Byrne and Frank Miller: Angry Men in a Hot Tub

Best Cinematography: Munn Powell for Dan Pussey

Best Original Score: Bruno Mars for Dazzler Returns

Best Visual Effects: Spawn

Ok, your turn. Comment on how sane or stupid my suggestions are and/or suggest your own awards!


  1. Sean Robinson says

    Hmmm. My ideas would be

    Best Director: Matt Reeves – Rachel Rising
    Best Actor: Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. (Alright this one is a bit of a cheat but he is the perfect Logan)
    Best Actress: Yvonne Strahovski – as Rachel in Rachel Rising
    Best Writing – Original Screenplay: I’d like to see Matt Fraction try his hand at a Hawkeye film. That’d be rad.
    The rest I’m a bit stuck on, but these are what I wanna see.