Headspace To Be Released In Print



IDW’s press release immediately below. For those interested, here’s our review of the Headspace series to date.

‘Headspace,’ Originally Appearing Digitally From Monkeybrain Inc., Is Making Its Way Into Reader’s Hands, (And Their Heads) This April!

San Diego, CA (January 13th, 2015) – The thrilling and complex tale of a town that discovers their own terrible reality becomes even more frightening when the Sheriff of Carpenter Cove discovers whose mind he and his neighbors now reside in. “Headspace is a comic made by true craftsmen at the top of their game and the result is one hell of a trip,” says Paul Allor (G.I. JoeTMNT)  “Great characters, amazing art, and a central mystery that I actually care about. I have no idea where it’s going, but I’m in for the ride

From breakout creators Ryan K. Lindsay (CMKY) and Eric Zawadzki (Last Born), Headspace delivers twists and turns that will make any fan of suspense squirm!

“Headspace is a personal tale Eric and I started kicking around over two years ago,” said series writer Ryan K. Lindsay, “It’s been an honor to have it digitally distributed by Monkeybrain Comics, and to be able to bring in amazing talent like Sebastian Piriz, Marissa Louise, Chris Peterson, Chris Kosek, and Dan Hill in various guises has been a collaborative blast. Having the collection now through IDW is so, so cool and I feel the emotional core of the book is strong enough to shine through the Philip K. Dick insanity in a John Carpenterflick tone we were going for. This tale of a sheriff fighting his way out of a killer’s mind is full of high concept right next to the emotional lows.”

Look for the collection in stores this April, and remember you can get any of the acclaimed Monkeybrain titles in print from IDW at your local comic shop.

Review: Headspace 1-5

headspace05_lowres_pdf__page_1_of_22_I originally profiled Headspace from Ryan Lindsay (writing), Eric Zawadzki / Sebastian Piriz (art) and Marissa Louise (colours)  over at Bleeding Cool a number of months back. Since that time the team have produced issues #3, #4 and #5, with #6 coming up soon in the eight-issue series.

Headspace is a story of a town called Carpenter Cove and its cop, Shane. The hook is, Carpenter Cove is purely a construct of another person’s mind. A mind that needs to be controlled for purposes that become clearer as the issues progress.

Having just re-read issues #1 and #2 and devoured the other three directly afterwards, I feel safe in saying that this series initially promised a lot and it’s delivering that promise, plus some. The setting of Carpenter Cove as a purely mental construct allows for locations and events that otherwise couldn’t be pulled off, and Zawadzki’s art accentuates the achievement.

Lindsay’s writing brings the psychology of the characters to the fore and it brings depth to a story that otherwise could be written off as a ‘cop versus monsters, a villain and the shadowy government agency’ schtick. It’s so much more than that, and aside from a minor criticism that I find the story timelines / dimensions a little hard to grasp sometimes, it’s hard to see any downsides on this series beside the disappointment I’m expecting when it wraps up in issue #8. For what it’s worth I’m going to miss the writer’s notes at the end of each issue as much as the comic itself.


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