Sunday Snippets Issue 3


A regular roundup of interesting bits and pieces from the comic industry worldwide. If you’ve got an event or other piece of news to share, please drop us a lineYou can view previous issues right here.

International Women’s Day has just passed and CBR has a great interview with comics veterans Louise Simonson and Ann Nocenti. Also check out this impressive collector’s setup.

Yes, One Direction have a comic book out.

The acrimony over the Sullivan’s Sluggers project on Kickstarter has ended in a pretty sad way.

Here’s an interesting overview of the controversy surrounding Orson Scott Card writing  a Superman run

CNET have a good review of the iOS version of the Marvel Unlimited App which allows you to read more than 13,000 Marvel comics on your iPad or iPhone for around $5 a month (as a special current offer) – an Android version is coming soon apparently.


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