Review: Myth #2 – Loniewski / Lauer / Dollman

myth-2A while back I reviewed Issue #1 of Myth. I gave it the big thumbs up then and I’m pleased to say issue #2 is at least as strong as its predecessor. It continues the story of Sam and his silent giant friend as they settle into their existence together. Not content with having changed things for the better in the first issue, Sam’s decided they’ll continue to right wrongs, which is where  things start to get complicated for them.

I like the work Mike Loniewski has done on expanding the scope of the story, to the point I wonder how well it can be wrapped up in a 3-part mini-series. Dan Lauer’s art is fascinating in this issue: his minimalist style appeals to me but to mix things up a bit he changes style a couple of times, including some charcoal sketch work by the look of it, which is lovely. There’s the odd series of panels that seem a little rushed to me but overall I love the feel the art delivers.

As I mentioned last time, all proceeds (the comic is initially free as a preview) from the comic go toward, with whom the creators have partnered. That alone may be worth spending some money to support but I can tell you that this is a great read and I’m certainly hanging out for the conclusion in issue #3.

Myth #2 hits Comixology on the 29th May so go check it out and help a good cause at the same time.