Non-Canonical’s 150 Milestone Event

noncanoncial150It’s a regular wish of mine to live in Melbourne – for a whole range of reasons, one of which is it has one hell of an active comics community.

One very prominent example are the guys who run the Non-Canonical Comics Podcast (here’s a piece I wrote over at Bleeding Cool on them).

They’re about to hit their 150th episode and to coincide there’s a live event planned. The podcast will be recorded live of course, but there’s also a bunch of other stuff going on:

To celebrate our 150th episode, NonCanonical will be recorded LIVE at the John Curtin Hotel on Sunday 24th February.

2:30 pm. $5 entry.

For details about the show or our previously recorded episodes, visit or



They’ve announced that there’ll be a live Skype interview with Becky Cloonan, as well as prominent local creators on hand.

So if you live in the Melbourne area – this could be a damn good way to spend five bucks. And congrats to the guys on 150 episodes. I’ve only been listening since around episode 75 but it remains a great weekly listen.