My Pull List: Sean Robinson

UntitledMy Pull List is a regular look at the comics we regularly read. Each time we’ll get one comics lover to detail the books they can’t do without month to month. If you’d like to be a participant,drop us a line!

So since David posted his pull list already, I thought I should share mine. Now I know that I gush about a few series in particular, so some of these won’t be a surprise, but since I’m sure there’s a bunch of new readers to share with. So without further ado, here are my top 5 from my pull list.

1. Hawkeye: Seriously. How many times do I have to tell you? GO. BUY. HAWKEYE. The story of Hawkguy is great, and I think that every single comic fan should give Matt Fraction’s story a chance.

2. Star Wars by Brian Wood: It’s only been one issue, and I’m completely sold on this title. Brian Wood’s Star Wars takes back to the events after A New Hope. The Clone Wars were only a brief mention, and the Rebels were on a high note following the destruction of the Death Star. It tells all new stories about the classic gang leading up to the events of Empire, positioning Leia in a leading role. It’s pretty thanks to Carlos D’Anda, and has heaps of promise.

3. Saga: Another one I’m keen on gushing about, it was my favourite comic series of last year. It’s really quite something, and after nine issues, only gets better. Love it.

4. Comeback: I’m a huge fan of LooperOh and time travel. So this 5 part film noir mixed with time-travel is a dream. Time travel is merely a plot device, in a good way making way for a crazy story full of twists. It’s 3 issues in so pick it up now to be on the train for it’s end.

5. FF: There’s a reason Matt Fraction’s name is the biggest name in our tags section (other than the fact I’ve reviewed three issues with his name on it). He is that great. So are Mike and Laura Allred who are on art duties. The eclectic cast would probably have been crazy with any other creative team, but it works and it works well.

So those are my top pulls. In a month or so, I’ll check back in to show you what has changed, but in the meantime tell us yours – flick us a message with a little bit of info about yourself (first name and rough location at least), and we’ll profile you in coming weeks.