My Pull List: Let’s Start With Me

My Pull ListMy Pull List is a regular look at the comics we regularly read. Each time we’ll get one comics lover to detail the books they can’t do without month to month. If you’d like to be a participant, drop us a line!

Given we’ve only just launched, we’ve not had time to find someone to disclose their pull list, so it’s down to me. So for what it’s worth, here are the comics I currently have on regular rotation, and why:

1. Daredevil: if you’ve been bored enough to read my profile you’ll know Daredevil is my favourite superhero comic. Add to that Mark Waid’s hugely successful run on this title and it’s a no-brainer.

2. Hoax Hunters: I’ve been with this series from the start and now I’m six issues in I have to admit my interest is waning a little – this one may fall off my list in the next couple of months.

3. Judge Dredd: IDW’s new stories are pretty good so far, and as a Judge Dredd Reader since the 2000AD pulp days in the 1980s, I would have felt guilty not adding this one and so far I’m very glad I did.

4. Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth: I reviewed it here and am definitely getting all four of these.

So there’s my staples at the moment – we’d love to hear yours too. Just drop us a line with your pull list and a little bit of info about yourself (first name and rough location at least), and we’ll profile you in coming weeks.