Mini-Reviews: Daredevil, Judge Dredd and Todd The Ugliest Kid

daredevilendofdaysHaving completed reading all my monthly pull list, here’s some brief thoughts on each:

Daredevil End of Days #6: Dreading this series ending in two issues. Is there one good reason you haven’t bought this yet?

Daredevil #24: The current story arc could have lost its way but it’s done far from that and the Foggy health scare storyline is as good as anything else going on in the book.

Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth #3: Still delivering great art, interesting story and a couple of legit belly laughs an issue – doesn’t get much better than that.

Judge Dredd: Year One #1: New mini-series looking at stories from Dredd’s first year as a Judge. Enjoyable, and love IDW’s print quality on these.

Hoax Hunters #8: Frustrating me more and more as time goes on. It meanders, the story remains hard to pick up each month. Some silly sense of loyalty will keep me going to issue 10 but I’m done after that.