Mini-Reviews: Todd The Ugliest Kid, Hoax Hunters and Judge Dredd

todd-ugliest-4Ahhh, the best time of the month when my monthly stash of non-digital comics arrives. Here’s my brief thoughts on what I’ve read:

Hoax Hunters #9: I’ve been threatening to stop reading this for a few months now and this flip-book doesn’t do much to convince me otherwise. It’s a ghost hunting story this month so at least it’s easy to follow and I like the flip-book concept (one half shows the TV show version of events, the other what actually goes down). That said, the resolution of the story is lame. I’m done with this title as of issue #10 unless something amazing happens.

Judge Dredd #5 and #6: I was starting to waver on this title but these two stories have me back on the wagon. New stories told in the classic Dredd way. Think of it like a 2000AD Mag in a glossy comic. Speaking of which: who’d like to see IDW do a Rogue Trooper series?

Todd The Ugliest Kid on Earth #4: Three words: strength-to-strength. Now with talking cockroaches.