Mini Reviews: Daredevil, Todd The Ugliest Kid, Judge Dredd

todd-number2My monthly stash of comics has arrived from my ‘neighbourhood’ comics store, so I thought I’d post a 10-20 word mini-review for each of them. So here goes:

Todd, The Ugliest Kid On Earth #2: As per my original review, I love this book and the second issue continues the quality story. Will be very sorry to see this finish with issue #4.

Judge Dredd #4: I’m starting to get my doubts about this one – can’t put my finger on it exactly yet but the shortened second story in the book doesn’t link that well to the main story for me.

Daredevil #23: Still quality, the story arc is getting ever closer to showing who’s causing Daredevil all his problems.

Hoax Hunters #7: I think I’m about to give up on this one – the story is just too jarring – some bits meander, other parts just plain don’t flow for me. Love the concept but the story is killing it for me.

Daredevil End Of Days #5: As I’ve said already, you should be buying this book – it’s going to be considered a classic.