Five Really Obvious Comic Predictions for 2015

howard-the-duck-2015It’s that time of the year – predictions and prognostications for the coming twelve months.

After many years of getting predictions stunningly wrong in a range of areas, I thought I’d put forward five bloody obvious predictions that I’m actually likely to get right.


1. The New Marvel Star Wars Comics Will Sell Well

Right now I’m betting there are comic store staff worldwide bench-pressing full bathtubs in preparation for lugging the bales of Star Wars comics that will be coming off trucks in the coming months. With it still being nearly a year until Star Wars Episode VII releases, and the generally lauded history Marvel has with the franchise, there’s no way these babies aren’t going to be as ubiquitous as a 1990s hologram cover. Particularly given there are reports of 100 variant covers for issue #1.

2. Marvel Will Reboot Everything Not Nailed Down

Marvel have spent the past few years cancelling, rebooting or rebranding every character or team they’ve focused their gaze upon. 2015 will be no different. Personally I’m hoping for them to cancel Daredevil yet again so they can relaunch it as fifth volume of the series….

3. Image Will Kick Into A Higher Gear

I talk to a lot of collectors and retailers, and their experience mirrors my own buying habits: Marvel and DC are losing my money in favour of Image titles. My current pull list is 50% Image and I can only see it growing.

4. And Indies…

… will continue to struggle. No-one is keener than me to see a bunch of independent projects see some serious attention, but I’m not holding my breath. All I can say to indies on behalf of all comic lovers is: keep going! And hell, send us your work to review, we’ll try our best to get to it.

5. New Howard The Duck Comic Will Be Better Than The 1986 Movie

I loved the original comic book series and though I doubt the 2015 series will beat it, I know it’ll be better than the 1986 movie. Please, let it be better for the love of everything decent in the world.