Webcomic Wednesday – MercWorks

Hello and welcome to Webcomic Wednesday! Each week I take a look at a webcomic and let you know what I think about it. This week I take a break from the serious stuff and looking forward to some much needed levity, I had a look at MercWorks, the brain child of Dave Mercier.


I guess MercWorks reminds me a bit of Three Word PhraseDave Mercier seems to put his thoughts on the page and let it go. Unlike Ryan Pequin’s somewhat insane ramblings, which often veer into NSFW territory, Mercier seems to be a bit more… consistent, sticking to humour that is somewhat based on life, rather than sophisticated poop jokes . And that’s a good thing.

MercWorks is great – whether Mercier is trying to poke fun at his own insecurity, or if he’s creating comics about how he is running out of ideas for comics, it’s always wonderfully self reflexive. MercWorks actually feels like I’m getting to know Mercier through his work, as he comments on loneliness and the awkwardness of his everyday life. It also sometimes makes me think about myself, which only further makes it hurt so more.

You can check out MercWorks here. My favourites are this one and also this one. Check ’em out!

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  1. I’m a big fan of MercWorks! It’s a perfect blend of mundane and surreal humor, rarely veering into dark or maudlin territories. A really charming and refreshing webcomic.