Webcomic Wednesday – Insufferable

Hello and welcome to Webcomic Wednesday! Each week I take a look at a webcomic and let you know what I think about it. This week I’m checking out a web series known as Insufferable, courtesy of a lesser known team known as Mark Waid and Peter Krause.

I’m kidding. It’s freaking Mark Waid.


Insufferable is the story of a superhero father-son team, Nocturnus and Galahad, who go their separate ways after a falling out. Where Nocturnus goes into hiding, essentially killing his alter-ego, Galahad uses his status as a hero to begin a celebrity career – or as the comic blurb states, an “arrogant ungrateful douchebag”.

While there are clear ties to a Batman/Robin relationship, Insufferable stands out in the execution. While admittedly Jarod Culver’s Galahad is a bit of a twat, John Culver’s Nocturnus is hardly unaccountable for either. It’s a case of bad parenting versus bad child, and it takes the Bruce Wayne/Damian Wayne dynamic and runs in the other direction.

Where Insufferable truly shines is in its mix of celebrity status and superhero. Galahad tweets, blogs, throws press conferences, and suffers the fallout of it. I’ve never really stopped to think how celebrities handle being insulted after putting themselves on such avenues. It’s interesting stuff, as there are times Galahad seems to be pushing too much to impress his biggest detractors, which in the end only makes them worse.

As for Peter Krause’s art- it’s seriously paid-for-comic material. It’s solid art that really compliments the story, with it’s generic costumes only allowing the reader to make their own connections to other superhero material. It’s a pretty fantastic looking comic.

If you want all the bells and whistles of a paid-for-comic written by one of the best writers out there, without the “pay” part, check out Insufferable  here. Also check out the other stories on the site as well, as some others were also written by Mark Waid. Seriously, you owe it to yourself to check it out – it’s Mark Waid.

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