Webcomic Wednesday – Batman ’66

Holy atomic pile Batman! It’s Webcomic Wednesday, the day I trawl through the digital space to show the readers something new and exciting. This week I’m checking out DC’s latest digital effort Batman ’66, courtesy of writer Jeff Parker, and the various artists he conjures up each issue.


Batman ’66 is a continuation of the 1960s live action Adam West Batman television series, complete with its camp, silly attitude. It  follows the antics of Batman and his trusty sidekick Robin as they deal with the everyday threats to Gotham City. This series takes almost all of its cues from the television show, right down to the character designs. But you don’t have to be familiar with the original series to have a good time.

Parker’s stories are all suitably silly and fun. The first issue finds the Riddler crashing the Lady Gotham Awards ceremony to steal the award for himself. Why? Because he’s a bad guy. And how does Batman recognise that something is wrong? Because he notices that the plane is flying below FAA guidelines. It’s the silly dialogue, lack of any proper motivations and the POW! BIFF! BANG! that makes this series a certified hit.

It also helps that the series is taking a cue from other successful digital comics like Moth City and the Marvel Infinite titles and utilises the format to help create the motion comic. This allows the full effect of the onomatopoeic sounds to work within the confines of the comic.

If you needed any more reasons to read this series, but you don’t, each issue features covers by the great Allred team who are working away over at FF as well. Check it out here. A dollar a pop for something that is both visually impressive and a huge laugh is well worth your time and money.

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