Webcomic Wednesday – Prodigal

Hello and welcome to Webcomic Wednesday! Each week I trawl through the digital space to bring something new and exciting, and hsare it with you, dear reader. This week I’m returning to take a look at a series that has found it’s way to being free online, courtesy of Geoff Thorne and Todd Haris – Prodigal.


Prodigal, which has existed in some form for a while now, has made its way to Thrillbent, joining the ranks of Moth City and Insufferable in being an entirely free digital comic. It’s the story of a pair of hired hands – one is an indestructible man, and the other a deadly assassin woman – who are tasked to retrieve a religious artifact from a group of thieves. It’s standard comic stuff, but from what I’ve read of the first issue, it sets up something quite fun.

The fun extends along the art, which is both suitably animated and violent, and the dialogue, which Thorne manages to make a lot of nice back and forth between the two leads, Pae Mae Jacinto and Byron Lennox. It reminds me of a good odd couple show – and based on the credits of the two creators, whose work extends to almost every other entertainment medium, expect to see some of those sensibilities to shine through.

Just one more quick aside – having seen the first few pages of their original run of Prodigal, and then seeing it translated to the digital form it is in now, I am impressed at how well it has been handled. Pages have been rearranged and details that were once hidden behind the other panels have now come forward – so fans of the previous run will still be able to get something new out of this one.

If you’re interested in checking out Prodigal, and you should because it’s fun  (and free), check it out here. It’s updated every Monday, and it is just kicking off so you can get on the ground floor.

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