My Pull List: Kimberley Griffiths


My Pull List is a regular look at the comics we regularly read. Each time we’ll get one comics lover to detail the books they can’t do without month to month. If you’d like to be a participant,drop us a line! This week it’s our contributing writer Kimberley Griffiths.

Looks like it’s my turn to share my pull list with you all, and if you’ve read my reviews and column, you’re probably already thinking you know the kind of titles I’m in to, so let’s see if you’re right.

1. Captain Marvel

Obviously, CM was always going to be the top of my list. Apart from featuring one of my all time favourite characters (plus Jessica Drew, I can’t pass up more Jess), the book is also written by my current favourite writer, Kelly Sue DeConnick. If you aren’t reading Captain Marvel, please please please do start.  Not only do female hero books need all the support they can get (why do you think they keep getting cancelled?), but CM is just simply astonishingly brilliant, for every reason that matters. You can read my review of issues #1-12 here.

2. Hawkeye

Like Sean R, I can’t stop gushing about Hawkeye. The core concepts of this is what I do when I’m not Avenging and if you look a bit closer, I’m actually pretty depressed make Clint a wonderfully relatable and real character. Matt Fraction is doing an A+ job with Clint here, and his writing of Kate Bishop – my favourite Young Avenger – is also spot on. This book isn’t just about Clint, it’s about Kate too. Hawkeye and Hawkguy make the best team – snarky, clever, and best of all, free of romantic tension. It also often features the art of David Aja, one of my favourite comic artists. Always way too long in between issues.

3. Journey into Mystery

I don’t really have much to say about JiM apart from Kathryn Immonen writes Sif so incredibly well, and occasionally Valerio Schiti’s art makes me want to weep.

assemble24. Avengers Assemble

A lot of readers haven’t been enjoying Assemble, but I’ve found it to be a fun, clever title. Particularly since DeConnick took over from Bendis as writer. While there are certainly elements that bother me a little, mostly pertaining to the increased addition of MCU elements, this is handled much more subtly than in Secret Avengers. It features a lot of my favourite characters, and all in all, has a great we’re who’s left in New York right now, so I suppose we should deal with stuff vibe about it. Definitely my favourite Avengers title at the moment.

5. Age of Ultron and related titles

Okay, so I’m mostly reading the AoU books because let’s be honest, you gotta read the big event from your favourite company, right? And I’m a sucker for anything involving time travel, or Tony walking around in his undersuit.

The best of the rest…

Other titles I’m thoroughly enjoying include Saga, FF, Morning Glories, Deadpool, X-Men (even with only a single issue, I can tell this is going to become a favourite), and Fearless Defenders. Sometimes I leave them sitting for a while before I get around to reading them, but when I do, I’m always sucked in straight away.

What am I looking forward to in the way of upcoming titles?  Definitely DeConnick and Emma Rios’ Pretty Deadly (Image).