Moving On Up: Moth City Now On Thrillbent

Remember Moth City? That webcomic that had made good use of the digital space which I adored. Do you also remember Insufferable, Mark Waid’s own webcomic which I also enjoyed? Well now they both have something in common; you can now find Tim Gibson’s Moth City over at Thrillbent.

Thrillbent, from the minds of Mark Waid and John Rogers, is an online home for a wide range of webcomics, all maintaining a pretty high standard, which makes Moth City‘s home a no-brainer really.

Moth City is a great read, and this can only mean good things for this small, New Zealand based creator. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes next.

Tim Gibson also made up a small trailer for the release, which you can view below:

You can now check out Moth City here at its new home.


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