David Holloway – Founder and Editor (Australia)

David Holloway has been reading and collecting comics for more than 35 years. After an initial obsession with the Marvel stable of superheroes in the 1980s and 1990s, he expanded his tastes more broadly and now loves reading anything from webcomics to the longest graphic novels and trades.

As a collector he’s attempting to acquire a complete set of Daredevil Vol.1 but has so far to go that he’s thinking the attempt may be in vain.

On the writing side, David’s been a freelance writer for well over ten years and in relation to comics he’s written a few pieces for Bleeding Cool.

When he’s not immersed in comics he’s also an MMO addict as demonstrated on our sister site The Oceanic Gamer.

Contact David via our contact form, or drop a line via Twitter.


Sean Robinson – Senior Writer (New Zealand)

Sean is a student studying a Film and Media Degree in Wellington New Zealand, and is slowly breaking into entertainment press.

A fan of all things nerdy, Sean can be seen playing games, reading comics, or watching films while he should be writing essays. He blames his father, who at an early age introduced him to Star Wars, which spiraled into a near obsession.

Sean’s favourite comics right now are Hawkeye, FF, Saga, and Batman. He will be mighty upset if you don’t go right now and read Hawkeye. Mighty upset.

Sean can be contacted on our contact form or via Sean’s own account.


Matt Nelson – Senior Writer (Australia)

Matt’s been a comics obsessive for more than twenty years, loving everything from the usual Marvel/DC stuff through to a range of great Australian titles. Based in Sydney, he’s been known to frequent multiple comic stores in different suburbs in one day. He’s also a rabid gamer and

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Shawn Warner – Contributing Writer (USA)

Shawn is a writer and illustrator who has been reading and collecting comic books since the age of eight when a copy of Fantastic Four #48 found It’s way into his eager little hands. Since that day he has never looked back. Like being exposed to gamma-rays or bitten by a radioactive spider, his life was forever altered. When most boys his age were playing sports or daydreaming about girls Shawn was scouring comic book stores and flea markets chasing down elusive missing issues of Amazing Spiderman and Batman, his two favorite titles to this day.

Along with comic books Shawn is a fan of science fiction especially Star Wars and Star Trek, a collector of action figures and an avid fan of film and animation. Today he reads just about every Marvel title, a majority of DC’s offerings and quite a few books from smaller publishers.

Shawn lives, works, reads comic books and watches The Walking Dead in Baltimore, Maryland with his wonderful wife Stacy, their son and Shrimpie, their Boston terrier.

If you would like to contact Shawn you can reach him via our contact form or on Twitter.


Kimberley Griffiths – Contributing Writer (New Zealand)

Kimba is an artist and blog designer currently residing in Wellington, New Zealand.  Her first exposure to comics was as a six year old, when she discovered her grandparents’ collection of Archie and Footrot Flats books.

Predominantly a Marvel fan, she splits her time between painting, writing, designing, and contributing to various fandoms.  When she’s not eating or sleeping, you will generally find her in front of her computer, with about eight different programs and sixteen browser tabs open, and a half cold plunger somewhere in the vicinity of her elbow.

Kimba’s current favourite titles are Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, and the current Sif led incarnation of Journey into Mystery.  She’s extremely critical of many comic artists, and is a huge fan of Dexter Soy, David Aja, and Mike Mayhew’s work.  She will also shamelessly admit to being disturbingly emotionally attached to far too many characters.

You can contact Kimba via Twitter or on her website

Peter Pascoe – Contributing Writer (Australia)

Peter Pascoe has been collecting comics for over 30 years and will personally punch Mickey Mouse in the nose if Marvel cancel the Fantastic Four. He reads mainly Marvel and, recently Image comics, with a very healthy dose of Independants, manga, war and European comics. He remains a long-time Love and Rockets fanboy. As an old-timer, he liked Vertigo ‘back in the day’, but, Astro City notwithstanding, his interest in DC comics remains rather absent. Oh well.

Peter organises the Bendigo Record, Comic and Toy Fair, and recently wound up 4 ½ years on public radio presenting a 2 hour weekly heavy metal radio show. He occasionally updates his blog Lazer Gun Diplomacy, and in between his hobbies, he holds down a job. He goes back to Japan whenever he can, where he lived for over a decade, and drinks otaku bars out of their stock on a regular basis.

Peter can be seen lurking around record fairs and pop culture cons peddling his own fair and can be contacted via our contact form.

Cory Thrall – Contributing Writer (USA)

Cory resides in Santa Rosa, Northern California with his tuxedo cat Bronson.  He is an avid lover and collector of comics, films, books, and video games.  He also watches the occasional television show.

Having been reading comics for nearly 30 years, Cory has always been fond of titles such as Batman, Uncanny X-Men, Justice League, and the assorted Spider-Man titles.  Also a constant reader of comics of all styles and publishers, his tastes have reshaped and formed anew as each chunk of years pass by.

When not staring into a comic, Cory is known to do many other activities, including: writing/performing music of many genres and flavors, writing short stories and comic scripts, obsessing about True Crime and serial killers, and watching way too many cartoons.

Cory also writes reviews, does interviews, and more at the comic site Bag & Bored (www.bagandbored.net), where he writes under the name ‘Feral Fang’.

You can contact Cory on Twitter at @FeralFang27 or via our contact form.


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